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August Alsina: Ascolta “Hip-Hop” Nuovo Singolo + Testo

August Alsina: Ascolta “Hip-Hop” Nuovo Singolo + Testo

August Alsina Testi Canzoni

Il rapper Americano August Alsina torna sotto i riflettori con un nuovo singolo intitolato Hip-Hop. Il brano prodotto da Knucklehead & Korner Keyz è stato confermato come primo singolo estratto dal nuovo, secondo studio album di August che arriva come follow-up al suo ottimo album di debutto del 2014 – Testimony. Nel nuovo singolo il rapper canta delle sue sensazioni da bambino quando ha sentito la notizia della morte di Notorious B.I.G. Hip – Hop è stato presentato ufficialmente ieri, 1 Aprile 2015, arriverà nei store digitali la settimana prossima via NNTME Muco e Def Jam.



[Verse 1]
I came from drop tops and old school Chevy’s
Dope boys rollin’ through, shittin’ on ya heavy
Just came in the trunk beatin’ down your block
Only 4 years old and Biggie got shot
I remember playing on the block, hanging on the block
Young niggas slanging on the block, getting off them rocks
Now we livin’ better now, Gucci sweater now
Weather still getting colder, we could change the weather now
But I

Came up in criminal days
Living these criminal ways, what can I say
Hugging the block every day
Grindin’ and making a way
And that I pray, for better days
That it don’t be the same tomorrow
Now I celebrate my sorrows with this bottle
And say

[Hook] x2
(Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
I pray for more better days
(Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
I know that I can feel change

[Verse 2]
Everything good, but, everything bad
Mama always said show thanks for what you have
Boy never forget to realise your bad
Just go up and grind you, if you let it
Now I’m out here tryna get it, really out here tryna get it
Always knew that I would make it, maybe it was so prophetic
Cause I came from the bottom and the humbless beginnings
From the youngest nigga grindin’ to the youngest nigga wining

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
‘Fore you die you make your mark and reach new levels
Want the bread, want the diamonds and the bezels
And if these bitches that you want, have several
Just gotta know, lotta shit’s temporary
It won’t last, no, no, it won’t last, no
Meaning it til’ here
Next thing you know it’s all gone
That’s why I been on my crazy outchea
Long as I grind, better days are near

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] x2