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Boo Testo – Ghost

Boo Testo – Ghost


Boo – Testo

Intro:Boo-oo wi haffi sing booTo all a di fafunky crewBo-oo wi hafi sing booNuh cater, if yuh a wahCHOSkinhead deadhead, everybody gone madSituation allegation, everybody agregationIn a sink on the loose, everybody dog looseBang bang shot dem, some a dem haffi deadAll I relly wanna say, we dont really like number twoMonster Shack and Scare Dem CrewAll I really wanna say we dont really like number two, yeaah1. From the day mi born mi a hear bout Adam and EveAn some man a turn it inna Adam and SteveWell, dem type a ting deh mek badman greiveunnuh a hear man SteveSometime when mi tired mi jus guh home guh restIn spite how mi tired when mi see mi girl breastMi jus hug up mi girl nuh stop kiss and caressWhile another man a feel another man chestCHOTell me what have they done to their livesThey have a wife and two children who love themNow they are being the victim of a badman gunBout dem waa touch up the man sonYuh know what I’d really love to seeIs mi girl on a nighteebut mi just caan understand Romie gone wid SteveMi nuh understand RomieeeeeeSo him a CHORPT Verse 1.