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Crazy Stupid Love Testo – Cheryl Cole

Crazy Stupid Love Testo – Cheryl Cole


Crazy Stupid Love – Testo

La La La La La La La
Swore I would never be that girl holding your hand
Look at you gazing
Acting like your biggest fan
I used to make fun
Of all the things that they said
Saying never I will never be like that
But then you showed up
Like you have been there before
Was like you knew me
Had me with every word
You saw right through me
Melted me down to the core
I was done when you walked through that door

Well I don’t know how you do it to me
You make my brain just stop
Sink my part to my feet
It’s like a rollercoaster
But I’m going up
I’m in crazy stupid love

So call me baby
In front of all your friends
It used to shake me
But would you say it again
It’s a weird feeling
We’re laying here in the dark
And I don’t wanna fight this spark
You got me flying
Don’t want to ever come down
I’m realizing
I kinda need you around
Hard to believe it
I’m that girl holding your hand
And I’m still trying to understand