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Small World Testo – Idina Menzel

Small World Testo – Idina Menzel

Testo canzone “Small World” di Idina Menzel. La canzone è estratta dal album “Idina” del 2016.

I’m standing in the field
My feet lift off the ground
No one here will see me
No one will hear me now

I’m brushing off the rain
While climbing through the clouds
Nobody can see me
No one can hear me now

Goodbye Gravity
Goodbye enemies
I’m going up to a place where the world is small
Where I can fly above it all

If I don’t make it see my soul
From here I’m weightless
And you sound so famous
And the world is small

Still rising towards the dark
Don’t care what’s down below
‘Cause no one can see me
And no one has to know